Class MinimizeMaximumTardiness

    • Constructor Detail

      • MinimizeMaximumTardiness

        public MinimizeMaximumTardiness​(SingleMachineSchedulingProblemData instanceData)
        Constructs a single machine scheduling problem for minimizing maximum tardiness.
        instanceData - An encapsulation of the job characteristics, such as processing times, etc.
        IllegalArgumentException - if instanceData.hasDueDates() returns false.
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      • cost

        public int cost​(Permutation candidate)
        Description copied from interface: IntegerCostOptimizationProblem
        Computes the cost of a candidate solution to the problem instance. The lower the cost, the more optimal the candidate solution.
        Specified by:
        cost in interface IntegerCostOptimizationProblem<Permutation>
        candidate - The candidate solution to evaluate.
        The cost of the candidate solution. Lower cost means better solution.
      • minCost

        public int minCost()
        Description copied from interface: IntegerCostOptimizationProblem
        A lower bound on the minimum theoretical cost across all possible solutions to the problem instance, where lower cost implies better solution. The default implementation returns Integer.MIN_VALUE.
        Specified by:
        minCost in interface IntegerCostOptimizationProblem<Permutation>
        A lower bound on the minimum theoretical cost of the problem instance.