Interface Initializer<T>

Type Parameters:
T - The type of object used to represent candidate solutions to the problem.
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All Known Implementing Classes:
BitVectorInitializer, BoundMax, ForresterEtAl2008, GramacyLee2012, InitializeBySimpleMetaheuristic, IntegerValueInitializer, IntegerVectorInitializer, PermutationInitializer, PermutationToBitVectorProblem, PermutationToBitVectorProblem.DoubleCost, PermutationToBitVectorProblem.IntegerCost, RealValueInitializer, RealVectorInitializer

public interface Initializer<T> extends Splittable<Initializer<T>>
Implement the Initializer interface to provide metaheuristics and other search algorithms with a way to generate initial candidate solutions to a problem.

Many such algorithms start with a randomized initial candidate solution, while some start with a heuristic solution. Classes that implement this interface serve that functionality.

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    Creates one candidate solution to a problem.

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    • createCandidateSolution

      T createCandidateSolution()
      Creates one candidate solution to a problem.
      a candidate solution to a problem instance.